At Uplift Films we pride ourselves on professional quality live and in studio film creation.

Our team of professionals will capture your event and produce a timeless piece of art that will promote your talents.

We look forward to helping you with your next project.  Contact us today!

Day Rate

  • Day rate for video shoot 9 AM - 5 PM with 3 videographers
  • Editing included in package deal. Great for live events and in studio videos.

Music Video

  • Music video up to 3 days of shooting with full edits and effects.
  • A great way to get a music video for your band on a budget includes 3 videographers, script writer and full editing and effects.

Full Music Video

  • Full production music video up to 5 days of shooting with full script writing, extras, editing and effects.
  • A full production music video featuring extras, 5 days of shooting, editing and effects.

Short Film

  • A 15 - 20 minute short film created by our staff on a topic of your choice. We will prepare the script, shoot at various sites for up to 10 days and help with casting. Full edits and sound are provided along with state of the art production techniques.
  • Our full staff will participate to create a truly timeless short film on your topic.


  • Our staff will create a full length 30 minute documentary on a topic of your choice. Our script writers will collaborate with you to work on the finest documentary the world has ever seen.
  • We will work hard and think creatively to make this documentary perfect for any broadcast.